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For the past two weeks we have been discussing the arrest, trial, sentencing and execution of Jesus Christ. We discovered that everything that led up to His being crucified was done illegaly and albeit, without remorse or apolopgy by His accusers.

We learned that over 18 laws of the Mishnah/Sanhedrin and some of those even written in the Mosaic Law were broken or disregarded by the religious rulers of the day. Both set of laws had been established to assure that anyone charged specifically with a capital crime was treated as innocent until proven guilty. The Mishnah/Sanhedrin specifically dicatated time, place and participants necessary for a trial such as this.

The laws were also written so as to be respectful of religious festivals or sabbath days, which were held near and dear to the Jewish people. During those times no trials or sentencing were to take place.

Yet over and over again we learned how far ungodly, greedy, unethical and evil men are willing to go to maintain the status quo which will assure that and theirs will continue to have the best of evertything even if it means compromising their integrity and presumed good character.

Nothing was sacred(pun intended) to these religious leaders who perscuted Jesus and who instigated His execution by way of crucifixation. Simuliar to the religious right(pun intended again) of today the status quo of white America is so important to some of our religious leaders, that they are willing to loose their own souls to sustain it. Faith has been replace with fear; the Joy of the Lord has been replace with jealousy and Love has left!

So was the case with the Pharisee, Sadducces and the Sanhedrin. They were afraid of Jesus. They were jealous of Jesus and there was no love to be found in or among them.

I believe the real reason they hated Jesus had nothing to do with Him blaspheming or their perceived idea that He had threatened to destroy the temple. The real reason I believe they wanted Him to be gone was because at the beginning of the Passover Festival He had come into the Temple and overturned the tables full of coins and then drove out the ungodly money changers and sacrifice sellers. Proclaiming that His Father’s house was to be a house of prayer. Jesus was threatening their business of usury. Their high interest pay day loans. That which they did love…MONEY!

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