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This radio Bible study lesson is my second favorite out of the over 40 lessons I have taught since June of last year(my number one being “A Different LORD, [Exodus 6:2-4]” (which ironically was my first show and lesson). It was in this lesson that something I had not considered or contemplated was revealed.

Like many other Christians, pastors and congregants alike I accepted as fact that Jesus’ death and Resurrection sealed the deal for my(our) sin being forgiven allowing me(us) to be reconciled to the Lord with the promise of Eternal life. Yet as I shared in the lesson, after further study it occured(was revealed) to me that the forgiveness of our sin took place while Jesus was still alive—on this side of the cross before death. It was not after Jesus had died that He took away our sins. It was not as He was put into a borrowed tomb that God’s plan for our sanctification and justifaction occured. His Resurrection from death did not put us in right relationship with His Father. As quiet as it’s been kept, it was not during His 40 days that He remained on earth after coming back to life, nor was it during His ascension back home to heaven that sin was conquered. Oh, we had already been forgiven by the time the Holy Ghost came upon the disciples as fiery tongues on the 120 men and women who prayed and waited together.

No Jesus became the propitiation for us. He took our punishment. He disarmed the penalty of death right while He was still alive. While in excruciating pain and suffering. While His naked bloodied body barely held by the nails that were hammered into His hands(wrists) and feet—-While He hung there still alive, yet dying—- He arranged it all— an acquittal for the guilty” was decreed. It was a request by this One who knew no sin, but Whom one day “…judge the quick and the dead…” His first words from that cross were the impetus of salvation for the Jew and Gentile alike. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ Our Heavenly Father responded and made it to be so even before Jesus hung His head and died. The thief on the cross who Jesus told would be with Him that day in Paradise was the first receipent of an acquittal of the guilty. Hallejuiah! Amen!

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